2018 Weddings by Algarve Weddings and Blessings – My 10 Year anniversary as a Wedding Planner

10 Years ago in June on 2008 I started my company as a wedding planner, so in June of 2018 I will celebrate my 10 year anniversary in this wonderful business. Like any other it has its ups and downs and throughout the years I have learnt many things, I have changed a great deal and I would not have had it any other way….I LOVE MY JOB!

When I began I was the third wedding planner to open in the Algarve and now nearly 10 years down the line there are over 25 companies here and weddings here in the Algarve are very popular due to our amazing climate, wonderful sandy beaches, spectacular venues and very professional suppliers in all areas. My hope for the next 10 years is that we all carry on growing and delivering the most amazing weddings to the couples that choose the Algarve as the place to celebrate their special day.

A very Happy New year to all with health, happiness and love

Natasha Luckman

Algarve Weddings and Blessings

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