Inland Algarve Wedding

I had an amazing Wedding up in the Mountains of the Algarve. This venue has a magic about it that is only felt when visited. Surrounded by trees with a beautiful little chapel which you have to walk over a little wooden bridge to get to. Drinks reception looking down into the valley and the wedding reception in their courtyard. The food has been kept quite tradicional and they even have their own wood burning outdoor stove where every morning they bake their own bread.

The photographer took the couple up into the forest area where there are the natural water springs and they drank from the fountain of lovers which has a tale to it saying that “the couples that drink from the water on the day of their wedding will be married forever”. With many trees all around that are hundreds of years old and stone tables and chairs where many people visit and take a moment to relax and have a bit to eat while taking in the atmosphere.

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